About the Inventor...

On a hot summer day in 1998, Leo'n Lyons was trying to clean his swimming pool. With every sweep of the pool brush, Leo'n struggled to keep the bristles against the pool wall and floor. Frustration mounted as the brush would hop and skip, lift off the wall and leave dirt and debris behind. The bristles kept bending, the handle was awkward and cumbersome, and trying to reach the corners and angles of the pool only added to his struggles. Surely there must be a better way, he thought.

Leveraging a deep understanding of manufacturing from his background in structural steel design, coupled with a comprehensive familiarity of statics and dynamics from his years of experience as a commercial pilot, Leo'n came up with a better, more effective pool brush. It took 40 prototypes and 10 years until the SweepEase® pool brush was brought to market. The patented design features an aquadynamic fin, reinforced handle, and curved profile to make cleaning your whole pool easy, stress-free and simple. The SweepEase® hugs the pool wall with minimal drag to give you a perfect sweep every time. The patented aquadynamic design allows it to glide effortlessly, making it the perfect brush for pool pros, homeowners, and even children!

Without a doubt, the SweepEase® is the best, most effective pool brush you'll ever buy. Join the Aquadynamic revolution and start working smarter, not harder today!