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Just one Push with SweepEase®

And you will see why we guarantee SweepEase® will always stick to the walls & floor, keeping your pool perfectly clean & looking like new!

It’s so EASY it only takes one hand! If you’re 8 or 80 youngster, man, woman, paraplegic, or even a kid, now for the first time ever, you can easily give your pool a 100% cleaning!


SweepEase® has a new easy,
One Finger

“Quick Pole Release”

SweepEase®effortlessly pulls directly back to you!
-The trailing edge easily slices right back through the water-

SweepEase® New AquaDynamic® design is like an airfoil on a sports car, it always forces the brush to the wall and floor- giving you 100% cleaning power.

The faster you push SweepEase® the more it clings to the wall and floor.
SweepEase® has no cumbersome moving parts to wear out!

SweepEase® Patented shape lets the WATER do the work for you,
it "sticks" to the walls and floors!


  • Easily sticks to the floor or wall with one push.

  • So powerful it helps brush away calcium and algae!

  • Easily slices back through water.

  • No moving parts to wear out.

  • It’s Fast, Easy, Efficient… and almost fun! 

 As one engineer put it, "SweepEase® should have been invented 50 years ago!"

SweepEase® comes with a 12 month warranty on materials and workmanship.

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