Patented Design
So I was very skeptical of the "patented design" advertised by the manufacturer. I guess I just didn't understand the "Aquadynamics". I must acknowledge that this pool brush design really does the job well and works as advertised. The design really does help it stick to the wall. The water flows up and back and helps push it down to the wall. I like the size and that there are a few metal bristles in the brush also.

Take the work out of brushing.sweep-ease-brush-testimonials
This brush is very effective and great quality. When pushing forward, the design causes the brush to press against the wall of floor. When pulling backward, the brush will actually rise to the surface. The design takes all the work out of brushing.
Nicholas P.

Works as Advertised!
Works GREAT - just as advertised! Much easier to sweep the walls with this brush than any of the others I've tried in the past several years. I will purchase another when this one dies!
Amazon Customer

Easier for brushing surfaces that are difficult to access from poolside
Bought this to replace the model with a moving flap which was still working fine after 8 years except that the bristles had worn to 1/4". It is a good product and solidly constructed in my opinion there is less downward pressure created than that of my old "flap brush" but it is still adequate to do the job well. Highly recommended especially if your pool curves in and out or for brushing horizontally along the upper edges which makes using a regular pool brush less effective because you are unable to get good pressure contact pressure with all surfaces. I think this brush will last well.

Makes brushing a whole lot easier
Very nice light weight brush. I am female and have a bad shoulder. I have struggled with my old brush just brushing around the tile line. This brush makes it easier to push and pull because of it's good design. It is still work to brush a pool but this brush makes it less so. The construction is sturdy. I am very happy with my new brush as it makes my life easier and I am all for that.
Esther D

Sweep and sleep
Wow! It sure makes it easier. Especially behind the pool steps and very reasonable. My other favorite pool tool

Much better than standard brush
Much easier to use and does a better job than the standard style brush. The design to enhance downward pressure works great.
C. Dal-Ben

Speedy cleaning of pool walls
Using the magic of science this brush stays on the walls. I really is possible to brush the walls well single handed. I can do my whole pool in less then 20 minutes. 32'x16' pool.

I highly recommend!!!
I got this brush to replace a very old steel bristled brush. I had a TON of tree pollen this year and my pool looked green. The steel brush would not get it off. I got this brush and it works very well. It also seems likesweep-ease-front-2 it will last a long time. I highly recommend!!!
Robert J

Awesome Sweeper!
This does everything stated! It's ease of use makes it simple to brush not only the sides of the pool but the bottom and steps as well! My old brush took a lot of work to get it to sweep the pool. The SweepEase makes it easy! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that does their own upkeep as well as the professionals that clean pools for a living. This will cut down their maintenance time greatly!
Bob D.

I just picked up the SweepEase Pool Brush, and wow!!! What an amazing brush, it picks up dirt effortlessly with the ease of a slight push. My five year old daughter could do a great job with this brush! Run, don't walk to the nearest Leslie's pool supply and pick one up today!!
Rogel C

Sweep Ease Works Very Well
I bought it this morning, went home and used it. Wow! I will never dread brushing the pool again. Usually took me an hour to brush my pool completely, with lots of rest breaks. This morning using SweepEase took me less than 10 minutes!
Aaron A

Hugs the wall like a NASCAR hugs the track!
Couldn't have built a better one myself. Airfoil shape pins brush to wall just as advertised.
Amazon Customer

I think its great
I have owned above ground pools for 40 years. I have owned pool brushes that you have to push down because it wants to float. but this brush is a dream. as you push it , it puts 10 pounds of downward force on the bristles due to the airfoil design,
it gets all the dirt leaves and algea off your pool liner
ByBig c

Saves Your back, Your Pole & Your Sanity! This brush is A-Freaking-Mazing! The perfectly engineered curves help it glide through the water so effortlessly it's amazing! Before I purchased this brush I was using the standard brush and it wasn't uncommon to put a lot of stress on the pole going to depths of 10'. I've even replaced a few poles over the years which I do believe that day is over! This Brush will save your pole, save your back & SAVE YOU MONEY!

Five Stars
Great brush hugs the sides so you do not have to wrestle it while cleaning.

I Like It!
Bought this to replace an older standard brush that failed. I was intrigued by the fin that was supposed to keep the brush on the wall. I am happy to say it worked as advertised. Brushing the pool is significantly easier with this brush than a standard one. I would recommend.

Great Pool Brush
What a great pool brush. I have owned a pool for at least 30 years and have never enjoyed brushing the pool. I cannot say enough about the ease with which this brush performs.
Paul S.

Sticks to the Floor
At last - someone got it right ! ! My previous brush was so frustrating because as I pushed it forward, it came away from the pool floor. This one sticks to the floor, as advertised, when I push it forward and lifts off when I pull it back - thanks to its hydrodynamic contouring. I'm very happy with it despite the premium price. It's actually kinda fun to sweep with it. I hope the inventors get filthy rich on this patent, they deserve it ! I'm just hoping it will also have a good lifetime.
Adrian P. 

This is a great Brush
This is a great brush. The fin on the tops hold it to the floor and wall of the pool. A must have!
Anthony K.

Great Brush!! Better than The Whale
So great! Where has this brush been?? I have been a pool owner for 15 years and have gone through many brushes. Brushes that don't have a fin are so hard to use because there is no downward pressure on the brush. I've had two of "The Whale" brushes, classic and the XL. Both worked, but both fins were too big, hard to maneuver, and they both broke. This is the prefect size and seems really solidly built. I love this brush and only wish I had discovered it years ago.

This thing is awesome
It is effortless. Why isn't every pool brush like this? Such a simple solution and it works great.
John S.

Where has this pool brush been all my life???
This brush is beyond awesome. We just re-plastered our pool 3 months ago. We have had so BLEND FRONT 2016much calcium form, that the plaster company basically did a no drain acid wash. I was hesitant to use a 50/50 blended brush on new plaster, but so far no issues with scratching. Sadly the one I purchased at a local pool supply just didn't cut it. The way this brush is designed makes brushing super easy and reduces the time in half.

My Go To Brush
Tried the whale, it works, but is a work out and slow. Regular brush doesn't hug the walls. This brush strikes the right balance of down force and speed. SS and nylon bristle combo is also nice.
T Miller

This one got good reviews so I decided to try it
Our last pool brush was a cheapie I picked up at a local pool store. The bristles quickly started breaking and falling out. I decided to replace it and knew this was one of those products that you just need to invest a little more money into. The brush works as designed and helps keep the pool brush planted on the ground instead of lifting or bouncing off the wall/slope. Some reviewers say it's hard to pull backwards and there is a little more resistance than with a regular brush, but I prefer this design as it glides through perfectly in the forward direction. I highly recommend this brush.

5 Stars
very good brush.....glad I bought it

Best brush EVER !!!
We will never go back to cheaply made pool products again!!! Spend a little more and get the best brush EVER!!! This thing is amazing and we will never use anything else!!!
D Sakes

Highly Recommend
This product does what it says it does. Thanks.
Miguel Aguilar

Solid, well constructed sweeper
Very solid and effective cleaner brush...well constructed and operates as advertised

Works great and as described! Would buy again and recommend to anyone.
My brother in law and I both have this brush and like it a very much. It really moves a lot of water when you brush. This is very evident when you push the brush across the pool and a wave of water comes up the wall of the pool on the side of the pool you were pushing towards. Maybe I can post a small video sometime.

This really is a better mouse trap
This really is a better mouse trap. It works better than my previous brush. Less force is necessary too.
Very happy with this purchase.

The shape makes it really easy to brush the sides of the pool
Very solid build. The shape makes it really easy to brush the sides of the pool

Good Brush
Gets more algae out of the pebbletech surface and stays on the wall longer. That is what I wanted.
Cmon man

Best brush of all that we tried. Highly recommend!

Four Stars
Much better at keeping the brush on the wall and pool floor than standard brushes.
Brian B

Great quality, does the job
The shape is excellent for forward/downward pressure on the walls and floor of the pool. This helped take a metric crapton of algae off the walls. It's well-made and feels like it will last for many years. I'm happy I went slightly more expensive on this purchase, and would buy again.

High quality product
I finally decided to upgrade from the generic pool brush, glad that I did. Thanks to the design and the quality of the bristles, it is much easier to control and navigate this brush through the pool walls with much lesser effort than the generic pool brush. Also, the angular design makes this brush get into some tight corners around the steps which were harder to get to with the generic brush. I am very happy with the purchase, high quality product.

Immediately Purchased
I saw your product on channel 3TV! I immediately went to purchase one.
WOW!!! It really does what you said!! I have a fairly small pool, but its shape has a lot of rounded areas. My previous brush was OK but I had to work to keep it on the sides. Your new product is genuine. No hype what so ever!
I'll make sure to let all my friends know about this!!!
B Drabik

My pools have never been cleaner
You have now perfected this brush! I have been using this brush for over the past 2 yrs.It had a rough start with the composites used to make the brush,but now it is perfect. This last brush has lasted me for over 6 months cleaning more than 50 pools a week!I just purchased a new one today and that should carry me on through the spring of 2014. My pools have never been cleaner and with less effort.
Rob B.

Recieved New Brush
Good morning! Received the new brush, AWESOME!!!!!
It just “glides” over the pool surface. Our pool has LOTS of curves and it’s amazing how well the brush clings to the sides. I am VERY pleased with the whole experience! It IS true….it takes less time to brush the pool with the Sweepease!! Thank you!
Linda B

Does Twice the Work
I bought the sweepease at the Home & Landscaping. This brush is the best! It does twice the work with half the effort!!
Pat F.

Performs Exactly as Stated
I've struggled and broken every pool brush there is. I was surprised to see the Sweepease demonstration at a local home show, and even more impressed with its claims. I purchased one and am delighted to find it performs exactly as stated! Very happy with the Sweepeasebrush and its results. A true winner here!
John H.

I love this Sweep Ease!!!! I used it the day after all the storms we had in chandler. Such a big difference! Wonderful!!!!!
Mike & Peg

Brush Only Oncesweep-ease-brush-testimonials
I have been in the pool business for over 12 yrs... this great brush is making my job easier and is faster.. no more brushing twice on the tuff spots... thank you!
Mark N.

Excellent Customer Service
I had a problem with the V clip and replaced the defective one with the new one you sent me. It works just Great! I am pleased and impressed to see you are being proactive about my problem and replacing my clip with a new one. My hat's off to you!
Not only will I buy from you again but you will get very positive PR from me in the future. I am very happy with the brush and your business ethic and excellent customer service you have created a loyal customer.
D. Donahue

A New Fan
Thanks SweepEase. It arrived quickly. And it performs better than I imagined. You have a new fan!!
P Angler

Saved Hundreds of Hours
I used it, I love it, I wish I would have invented it…! This brush could have saved me 100’s of hours, if I could have bought it years ago!
Steve L.

Time Saver
All I can say is..I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but once I used it… it’s amazing! If you look at it… it's really obvious why it works so well.
Thanks for your time….saver.
Billy C.

More Than I Expected
I just received my brush and wanted to thank you. It is everything and more than I expected!
Cindy W.

I Love this Brush
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you, I love this brush! It's never been faster.
J Switzen

Works Great
Looks great, works great.
James J.

Blew Me Away
I received my brush...blew me away..it really hugs the wall. PS. The faster you push it the better it works.
T. Lewis

I can now brush my pool without pain
After 3 back surgeries, cleaning the pool With a regular brush would really stress my lower back. I had to use additional pressure to keep the broom to the walls of the pool and often tweaked my back in the process. I just received my new Sweepease, I love it, I can now brush my pool without pain. Thank you!
Nancy L.

Sweepease pool sweeper!