The Best Pool Cleaner to Sweep Your Swimming Pool

“Finally an easy way to brush your Pool!” The creator and founder of SweepEase,®  Leon Lyons, was one of the many millions of pool owners fed up with the average pool brush design. He realized there had to be a quicker and easier way to keep his pool pristine. Using his expertise as a structural steel designer, as well as a commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, he began the quest for designing the ideal shaped brush. A few years, and dozens of prototypes later, the perfect shape emerged.

Using the basics of flight aerodynamics and structural design, the leading edge of Sweepease’s pool brush is shaped like an airfoil, which forces the entire brush to the wall and floor, yet has a retreating edge shaped like a blade that literally slices backward through the water with minimal resistance.

For the first time ever you can now experience a thorough pool cleaning with just one hand, as the brush applies its own pressure to clean all surfaces. SweepEase® truly sticks to the walls and floor like a magnet; yes, you really can clean your pool with one hand!

As one engineer who tried SweepEase put it:

“This brush should have been invented 60 years ago”

SweepEase® – you’re gonna love it!

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