Edit Guide

Welcome to the WordPress edit guide.

This is a general editors guide to making changes to your wordpress website.

Before any edits can be made you must log into the admin area located here: www.sweepease.com/admin with your secure username and password. Once you are logged in you may follow the instructions below to make changes.

Remember to always click on the "Publish" or "Save Draft" button on the right hand side of the page in the "edit" section before you leave the page or you will lose your edits. The "Save Draft" link will save a copy of the page you are working on if you want to work on it later or Offline without it being live.

After you are logged into the admin you will see navigation links on the left hand side under "Dashboard" and on the top. In the top left corner will be a "home" link that will bring you back to the website but you will still be logged into the admin. You can navigate to any page from there. Go to the page you want to edit. There will be a "edit" link in the right hand corner of every page. Click on that. That will bring you back to the editors section for that particular page. There you will see the page in either the "text" mode or "visual" mode. You can work in either.

Creating a New Page

A new page can be created by hovering over the "+ New" link and choosing "Page" at the top of the page. *Always use the Template "Full Width (No Sidebar)" from the dropdown on the right side of page under "Page Attributes" when adding a new page.

Adding the New Page to Your Navigation

  • Under "Appearance" go to "Menus".
  • You will see on the right is the menu order. As you will see the dropdown menu items of the menu are indented, the items or links that are not indented are the main topics.
  • On the column next to that is the list of Pages that are available. Check the box of the page you want to add to the menu then click "Add to Menu". This will put the new link at the bottom of the list, or end of the menu. You can drag and drop this to wherever you want on the navigation.
  • IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that there is only a certain amount of room for the main links across the top menu. Adding the new link as a dropdown menu item would be the best thing to do at this point.

Page Edits

  • Text edits: simply edit the text you want or add a new paragraph and publish.
  • Adding an image: click on an area of the page in the editor, click on the "Add Media" button above the edit section, this will bring you to the "Media Library". This is where all the images for the website are. You can either upload your own image or select one from the library. Once you select an image you will have the choice of the size of the image you want to use, full size or thumbnail. You will also be able link the image to another page or anywhere else by entering the URL. These selections will be in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Choose whether you want the image centered, left or right. The right placement of the image will be a matter of trial and error. Place the image, publish, and then "view page", this link is right under the Title of the page above the editor. If it's not in the right place delete it or copy the code or image and paste it somewhere else.
  • Image descriptions and captions can be added when you select an image in the media gallery. On the right hand side there will be a form. The "caption" will show up on the page when submitted. The description will not.