Good Sweeper – Customer Review

This is a good sweeper , very easy to set up with a one finger quick release for the attach tabs . Included is an extra tab just in case it breaks. The brush is stiff and will move debris from the pool. With arched ends and longer bristles on the ends it works with curves on steps and pool bottoms. The airfoil keeps the brush down on the surface or on the wall with minimum effort. It's 18 inches wide which is very maneuverable . With its airfoil shape it glides well through the water in either direction without to much resistance.
Made of Ploy Plastic with a metal attach it should last quite a while. If I had one improvement for myself it would be to have a row of fine softer brush strands included so it will get the fine sands to move too.
I think this is a great product for thouse in the need

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