Review – “Wish I found it a long time ago”

This brush sets the standard. Lot's of great features. Cut cleaning time in half from what our old brush did. You will not be disappointed.

Bristles - A great mix of aluminum and polypropylene bristles. While the brush head is contoured for corners, the bristles are longer at the edges thus ensuring they actually get into corners.
Airfoil - Just about right. Not too hard to push and does stick without adding pressure. Works well for floor and walls. Only adds downforce when pushing.
Brush head - heavy-duty plastic aluminum reenforced non-mar head. Basically bomb proof.
Cons: None. Wish I found it a long time ago.
UPDATE: After a full season of use this brush has shown no signs of degradation. All the bristles seem to be intact. The brush head's super heavy gauge plastic does have wear where is rubs against the inside corners of the plaster pool, but that's to be expected. It leaves no marks. Still a 5/5.

2nd UPDATE: Still the best brush ever. Another pool season almost done and no issues.

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