Review – “Glides Perfectly”

"Our last pool brush was a cheapie I picked up at a local pool store. The bristles quickly started breaking and falling out and each pool sweep would result in a visible scatter of bristles on the surface of the pool. Needless to say those made it through the system and ended up in the pump and filters. So, I decided to replace it and knew this was one of those products that you just need to invest a little more money into. This one got good reviews so I decided to try it. We finally opened the pool and this brush made quick work of getting the algae/dirt film stirred up. The brush works as designed and helps keep the pool brush planted on the ground instead of lifting or bouncing off the wall/slope. Some reviewers say it's hard to pull backwards and there is a little more resistance than with a regular brush, but I prefer this design as it glides through perfectly in the forward direction (the direction I use it in most). I highly recommend this brush."

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